Nate…on acid

Given that situation, I’d probably say exactly that as well.

It’s feelin’ kinda Sunday, Sundayyyyy.
You know that commercial they play during football games? That song.
It’s just a happy go fun dayyyyyy…
I’ve done NOTHING since Friday after I got back from class. It’s been SO nice and relaxing! It’ll probably be the last time I can do this until Thanksgiving break. So, naturally, I took advantage of it. Yesterday, taking out the two hours Andrew and I got out of the house, I sat where I am now, on the couch, from 11 a.m. to about 9 p.m. It was insaaaaaaaaaaane. Lots of TV movies and snacks. I’ve been doing the same so far today also. Movies and football today though.

The nights were fun enough. Spectator party. Andrew. Tasty shots. No hangovers.

silly ref

My ma will appreciate this. Andrew and I went to Aldi during my two hour break from the couch. I bought stuff from there for the first time ever! Only a few things like chips and V8 Splash.

Soooooooo we still don’t have any solid Halloween costume ideas..
So I think I’m going to go as Nate. Myself. But I’m going as Nate…On ACID!
I’m going to buy a crap ton of it and just take it throughout the night.
Everyone will be like, “Nate, what are you?”
And I’ll just scream, “I’M ON ACID!! AHHHHHH”
kinda like this comic….

uuuuugh… ok.. I’m bored and need to start writing my next big article.


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