Thank God for Kristine!

If you hate your job, you MUST learn to make it enjoyable somehow.
Take this comic, or The Office, for example, the people hate the job.
So they make up and play games! Games are great!
Show me a person who doesn’t enjoy games and I’ll show you a dickhead.
Yes, you read that right. They don’t like fun. They, in fact, ruin all kinds of fun.
Lesson: Don’t be a fun-hating dickhead.

haha… now that that’s out of my system.

I’m sitting here eating trail mix and listening to Elliott Smith. I WOULD be sipping the berry flavored tea next to me, but it’s too freakin’ hot! It’s been more than five minutes and it’s still hot enough to throw in someone’s face and horribly burn them. I probably should have used an actual ceramic coffee mug instead of the Mug Club mug from Prime Time that’s made of glass…but I didn’t. I want to drink my tea! GAH!

Well, praise Jesus. He provided me a person to do my Student Life profile on late last night. Bre, one of the girls from the Spec (who is now my favorite person ever!), gave me her profile idea. She’s been holding onto it since school started basically and she decided to be an angel and give it to me. So I email the girl last night and heard back from her this morning. We met up for coffee and talked for about an hour. She’s awesome! Over the summer she worked in San Diego with the Navy for their marine mammal program. Basically, she got to work with dolphins and sea lions all summer in California. She’s really nice and ambitious. She even ran in the Twin Cities Marathon last weekend (two weekends ago now). I skipped class to talk to her…I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful! I probably came off like some weird retarded kid for thanking her the amount that I did. But oh well. She’s going to send me a bunch of pictures to use in my article…and, get this… I have to send my article to the Navy so it can be approved for print. It’s to make sure I don’t print anything hazardous or confidential about the training and practices and whatnot. Iiiiiinterestiiiiiiing…

So yeah, I should be writing my article instead of this..
Peace. Out. Homies.

ps. my tea is finally cool enough to slightly sip. But, it would hurt if I threw it in your face. But I won’t. See last post.



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2 responses to “Thank God for Kristine!

  1. Anonymous

    did she have dark hair?

  2. Nathan

    Haha, no, sadly, she did not.

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