Here I dreamt…

I’m thinking of something. This something has this song playing in it.
Name that something and you win a prize!

I’ve been up since 5:30 a.m. yet again and I’m beat. But, as usual, I haven’t done my homework. Boo hiss! It’s been a busy day and tomorrow, Tuesday, is going to be even worse. I have to go interview some guy about some grant he was awarded to keep Eau Claire “eco-friendly” by cleaning up fuel or something. That’s first. Then I have to write up a progress report for my reporting class saying that I don’t have any sources yet, write questions and lead discussion for that same class, actually go to class, enjoy a brisk walk home to eat, eat, write my story quickly and somehow think of a good lead for this lame subject, copy it, send it in, go grocery shopping sometime, get my school website up and running again (I totally forgot how to do that part by the way), do a lot of reading, decide some semester long project ideas, and….and… crap, I can’t remember. I started typing this an hour ago and stopped to read.

Soooooo yeah, I can’t remember.

The word of the day is: plank
Drink otd: Mango Peach V8 Splash
Article of clothing: sweater
Scent: I-can’t-remember-the-name-but-it-was-awesome-!
Movie: Thank You For Smoking

place the song and win a prize!


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