Chinese poem

So I for some reason signed up for another writing class. 

POETRY writing!
It’s dumb for two reasons:
  1. It’s after a 2 hour class.
  2. It’s a 3 hour class!

Wednesdays are going to be SOOOOOO long and boring! 

But the class should be a lot of fun. 
At least a poem per week. MUCH better than the three or four I had to write for my last class. 
So I think I’m going to post my assignments on here just for kicks. 
SO, with that said, here is a three minute exercise we did in class. 
They called him “Mr. Babylon” for his gardens
Even the kings and countries knew his name
Newton’s 2nd law is a terrible truth
Now the man sleeps past noon
Ha. So that’s that. 
I thought it was funny that 9 of the 16(?) people in the class wrote about an animal. Four of those people wrote about dogs. Three people wrote about drinking and being hungover. Two people wrote about love and being killing someone. There’s me. And some guy wrote about something…I can’t remember what it was about, but I liked it. 
I realized something about myself today. 
I LOVE taking my shoes off in class, or in my case RIGHT THIS SECOND, this library. 
I like cool feet and not feeling constricted. It’s refreshing. 
Oh, one funny thing that happened today. While I was boiling noodles for my AMAZING spaghetti, I decided to make more orange juice. ETC. After making it, I couldn’t find the lid to my jug. I knew I had picked it up and put it somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where. I couldn’t just put an open jug of orange juice back in the fridge. That’s gross! Something could fall into my juice too! I had to find the lid. I looked everywhere. I looked in the little thing we put our dishes to dry (where it was at first). I started to literally panic. I was pacing back and forth in the kitchen opening cupboards, the fridge, looking in the sink (about 38 times), I went up to my room to look on my desk AND in my dresser AND closet, I looked in the awkward living room by where my computer was sitting, and I asked Ferger if he had hid it from me about 4 times. I looked EVERYWHERE! I got frustrated and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Now, I realize that sounds VERY dramatic, but it’s not. If I didn’t find it, I was going to tweak. Apparently my face contorted too. Ferger what he thought was a preemptive “Bless you.” I asked why he said it. He told me I looked like I was going to sneeze. Seriously, I was freaking out. So by now, my noodles are done and I still haven’t found the lid. So I look in the dish dryer thing again and I almost break a bowl, a plate and I knock a plastic plate onto the floor. And there it was! It was sitting inside one of the bowls. SOMEHOW I hadn’t seen it there. I must not have lifted the bowl or something. So I finally was able to put my orange juice away, relax somewhat and eat some kick ass spaghetti. 
Apparently I freak out if I lose lids. 
And apparently this post is cluttered with ALL CAPS words.   


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2 responses to “Chinese poem

  1. Anonymous

    You are SO DRAMATIC and I LOVE IT! See you soon! -sister

  2. Sarah Jean

    The fact that I, at this very moment, have a pitcher of water in my fridge with no lid would kill you. I agree, a lid would be ideal. Yesterday I found a fuzz in my chilled water, but I simply picked it out and finished the water. A little fuzz never killed anyone.I like the activity poem. I’m glad you didn’t write about a dog. That would be lame and beyond cliche.

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