Boxers win!


After a long, uncomfortable ,confined and over-heated day. I’ve decided to stay with regular boxers. Boxer briefs, which I think was mixed up by the anonymous person who commented, is like regular old man underwear but mixed with boxers. So NOT what I already wear, which are technically called boxer shorts. I gave the boxer briefs a fair shot. But I think, for me at least, they can only be a winter thing at best. This whole end of summer/early autumn thing just can’t work out for us.
So there you have it.

I had LOTS more to say…… but I can’t remember it all.

I’ll update you tomorrow on the paper stuff because that’s when I know more about it.
But tomorrow ya’ll can officially call me “Chief.” *WINK FACE!*

Andrew and I hung out with some of out next door neighbors tonight after sitting on our porch for about 3 hours talking, drinking beer and playing guitar. It was fun. We’re having a BBQ on Sunday and/or Monday….AND….Ferger gets here tomorrow!!!! Drew and Ryan, the wankers they are, don’t get here until Monday. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

So it’s 1:58am and Andrew fell asleep to 300 while I snuck away to write this and fall asleep in my own bed. Who will hate his life less tomorrow? ME! Why? Cause I’m AWESOME!



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