Hey! That NEW DART is great!

New dart.
Nude Art.

So Eau Claire by yourself is really boring. I wake up and really don’t have anything to do ALL day. I have things TO do, but because my car’s breaks decided to go out on me while I was driving, I’m too scared to drive anywhere. I need to go to the post office again and see if they’ll actually ship my guitar. I went yesterday and they told me that Russia has some regulations and restrictions against packages that are more that 79 inches total. This is problematic for me because apparently just the case of my guitar is about 82 inches total. So the lady told me to use UPS or FedEx and told me to piss off. She really did! I would have been offended and thought she was being rude, but I thought it was too funny that a little asian lady told me to piss off.

So far, I’ve noticed these pros and cons to being back in Eau Claire.

-Order- I have everything the way I want it. My socks, boxers, etc are in this dumb and amazingly convenient hanging that I got from Ikea for about two dollars. All of my t-shirts, button-ups, sweaters, and sweatshirts are all hung up with white hangers. And my jeans, khakis and other pants are neatly folded and placed nicely in my dresser drawers.
-I’m back to my amazing down bedding! It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. And especially since it’s been cooler lately, I’ve been able to take full advantage of it. Waking up in a cold, fan-blown room on my down mattress pad and wrapped in my down comforter is exciting. Seriously, it is! It’s happened both mornings so far. I wake up around 6 for some reason, notice how cold the room is, notice how incredibly warm my bed is, and I smile and nearly perk up enough to just wake up, I roll over and before I can say, “I love my blankets!” twice, I’m already asleep again.
-I won’t spend nearly as much on fast food and other crap. I have to make all of my own food…which is usually something healthy as well as tasty.
-Everything (except for the post office while holding a guitar) is in walking distance.
-etc, etc

-ALL of the silverware was just dumped in a drawer. For some reason, instead of putting it back in the holder thing, my one roommate or his girlfriend thought it would be nice to not only NOT wash the dishes, but to dump them into the drawer. So what did I do today? Oh, I just washed EVERY piece we have….there are a lot by the way.
-Although it’s really nice to have my life to myself, I get bored every now and then.
-The house is really dirty! Because the only people who clean are Andrew and myself and because we haven’t been to house all summer, EVERYTHING is really dirty and everything is covered in mold! It’s really gross! So before I showered yesterday, I cleaned the whole bathroom (shower, toilet, sink, everything). I still need to vacuum the house, but I’ll save that for later.
-I have to make all of my own food. Yes, that was a pro too. But it takes tiiiime. And it’s annoying sort of. I wish I had one of those Replicators from Star Trek. Yes, I DID just reference Star Trek.
-Being in Eau Claire means two things for me that I don’t like. School and work. Classes this year are ALL major classes. Soooo it’ll be a tough year, but it’s the stuff I actually want to do, so it should be a good time. Work just means I have to be at work at 6:30 AM.. A.! Freakin’! M.! AHHH! But, it’ll get me up and productive early like it did last semester. I just hate waking up!
-My tattoo is starting to itch. I hate not being able to scratch an itch! It’s the worst!

I would tell you about my stupid self last night…but I’ll save it for later.

Ta ta
Nay Nay



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2 responses to “Hey! That NEW DART is great!

  1. The Colonel

    I love New Dart!And… I can’t believe I just read a massive post about your laundry, house cleaning and errand running.

  2. Sarah Jean

    I agree with Ben. It’s nice to know you are basically a housewife in Eau Claire. Perfect! Oh, silly boy.

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