Here For Now

This is an oldy….
I like the idea here, but not the way it’s done..
chalk this up as another revamp eventually pieces

Pulled this way and that
I’m bothered, by if and then statements
if I can take hold of my dreams
than this…idea…can’t be far off
turning here instead of there
I’m told to not look back
any turn I take, is a turn off this track

in this steady glow, there is warmth
stubborn to feel
but easily attained
apart of something…else…
but that light just down our road
is just my night light
there to only comfort me
in times of need
down, out, and back again
the wind sweeps the ash – off of dry oak

I am lost, but someone else is gained
pruned leaves dry quickly
and even child’s feet can break them
fickle lives change solid thoughts
plenty are right, while few are wrong
you see me here
but for how long
I’m back to taking turns


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