12 x 8 or 8 by 12?


Notice the lightning storm last night? I did.

Ummmm, my contacts are a little too dry right now. If I were in a public place making these faces and blinking like this people would be totally creeped out by me. I’m eating some of the best mac’n’cheese (yes, one word) I’ve ever had in my ENTIRE life and I just got done watching my new favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. Thanks Ben. You were right. I’ve noticed that lately about you……

So while I was carrying a 200 pound cross around today I heard some weird sound at an intersection; I naturally turned and looked. It was some Somali lady in a little silver car, a car just like Chris’, but not red, and she was yelling stuff. I had no idea what she was shouting, but it made me giggle. Apparently a 12′ x 8′ cross in the middle of a city is unusual.

Then like 15 minutes or so later, I hear another vague sound. I turned and looked again. It was the same lady! She was booing this time. “Islam rules,” she shouted, “F*** Christianity!” I chuckled and gave her a little, friendly wave. Honestly!

I thought it was interesting that she was booing and swearing because of a giant cross. I thought that act of aggression, if you’d like to call it that, which I would like to, was a great commentary on how people perceive religion and how they act towards other religions. Granted, it’s Islam, but that’s not the point. People are offended by the idea of religion, whether they consider themselves a part of some religion or not. If they are, they hate you for talking saying that their religion is right. If they aren’t, they hate you for saying there’s a way to God and that they don’t have it. Everyone says that “we” should be accepting of other people’s beliefs…There are many ways to God (this is funny because just the idea of God offends people but they will still say it just to make themselves neutral somewhat) … blah blah blah…etc etc etc….

I’ll get back to this…it’s bedtime…

Religion is a Lie


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