I’ll Be Home Around 10

I came across this little exercise just now and it made me giggle…

“At work – to the store when
I’m done – the night begins at 10.
Call if you want something.”

The Braves are coming and I’m short on firewater.
Whiskey, some Big-O, and a couple dozens
would make my night…yours too. Here’s some cash.

“I told them 10’ish
it’d be nice to be early
so we can get things going.”

The girls are bringing girls – be ready.
And please, please, please don’t invite Jer,
drama like him doesn’t fit tonight.

“The ‘rents get home tomorrow
around 5 and I have work at 4,
so let’s gang bang the cleaning.”

Bud’s the king, Jag’s the bomb – mixers
too for the gals – they’re afraid of shots.
“I’ll call you when I’m off.”


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