not great


I couldn’t find a funny comic about shooting yourself in the head after a horrible night of sleep….so this’ll have to do.

Yeah, I didn’t sleep AT ALL last night.. I might have snuck in about 10-20 minutes between 3:40 and 4am, but other than that, nadda.

I was in bed from around 12-1 till I got up at 6.
The funny thing is that I got up and went to the Y to workout.

I was there for an hour and almost passed once or twice from being light-headed. Sweet.

For the past two hours I’ve been reading the paper and my Bible while drinking the huge smoothie I made…

Now, I’m tired. So I’m gonna go TRY sleeping a little. Not too much though, I don’t want to ruin tonight’s sleep.

I hate life right now 😦 I feel awful


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