I should be studying for the huge final I have in a few hours. but no, no I’m not.
I’m doing things like writing on here and playing Battletoads.
I’m still being productive though! I got far! Let’s just say it was the best I’ve ever done in the game before.
Modest? No. The game’s freaking impossible! I’ve never beat it. Crap!

Songs of the week are:
When It’s Good – Ben Harper
Picture of Jesus – Ben Harper
Rain Song – The Dreamer and The Sleeper
Temporary Remedy – Ben Harper
Violent Hill – Coldplay
Me, My Yoke, and I – Damien rice
Big Eyed Fish – Dave Matthews Band

This is NOT a song of the week… but for some reason I woke up with Britney Spear’s song Lucky in my head.
Haha.. I started giggling when I was in the shower. I haven’t heard that song in at least 5 years. I love how you can wake up with random things in your head. Like the other day, I had a scene from Boy Meets World in my head. It kept repeating itself and repeating itself. Weird…

Ok. I’m going to the library now to ACTUALLY study.
Ta ta.


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One response to “Battletoads

  1. Anonymous

    that’s funny, i sent that picture of battle toads to your phone before i looked at this post…-broseph

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