Apparently I’m sort of an idiot…
1- To premise… I make amazing spaghetti. I sound like an ass clown, I know. But I truly love the way I make spaghetti. It’s amazing. As if you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, I made it tonight for dinner. I was almost all done. I cooked the beef and had the sauce slowly heating on the stove when I realized I never boiled any water. Sah-weet! Life-1, Nate-0.
2- I have a blog and obviously put up cartoons all the time. So I should know how to widen the margins of my blog so that those amazing comics don’t get cut off, right? Not quite. Life- 2, Nate-0.
3- I didn’t get the internship. Apparently companies want people with previous internships before they hire them for an internship. Apparently a PR company wants someone who has a major in PR. Life-3, Nate-0.
4- I’m still committed to a girl who lives 800 miles away and don’t plan on changing that any time soon. Life-25, Nate-5 (It’s debatable, but I think I should receive some points for this).
5- I’ve been feeling very stressed out and anxious lately for not much of a reason. Life-30, Nate-5.
6- I’ve been eating and snacking a lot because of it. I need to go grocery shopping again soon. Life-31, Nate-5
7- Other stuff that I won’t go into. Life- A LOT, Nate- sucks


1- I hardly have anything to do for the last few weeks of school. Points for me
2- I only have one final. Points for me.
3- I make amazing spaghetti. Points for me.
4- I have an amazing girlfriend, amazing friends, and an unbelievable family. Major points for me.
5- I started working out again. Points for me.
6- I’m whitening my teeth and using the Pronamel toothpaste my dentist told me to use. Points for me.
7- I’ve upped my prayer life dramatically and Bible consumption. Major points for me.

So overall the score is about…
Life- A LOT (still)
Nate- sucks (still, but not as much)


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