Toast in the face!


This is exactly why I use a toaster over and not a regular sliced bread toaster.
Plus, I don’t eat toast.
I have bagels and toasted sandwiches and pizza and chicken things aaaaaand random other stuff you can fit in a small oven.

So I’m sitting here eating a blueberry bagel from Panera (Ryan got a whole bunch for free) and drinking my Green Drink and I’m kinda stressed out. Even though it’s only 6:03 am, I’m kinda stressed. I have a huge exam at noon and a lot to do over the weekend. Oh yeah, that article that I said I was done with, yeah I’m not. We did reviews/critiques in class and I have to basically take a different approach from what the editor told me to do in the first place. Heh, awesome! Who doesn’t love completely redoing lots of work?

Anyways, I gotta run.
I still need to meet my goal of saying something awful to some kid…. I noticed this usually happens on a Friday. Hmmmmm……

Ta tiggidy ta


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