I’m terrible


Haha, this reminds me of cleaning the counters in my kitchen. The guys are the cleanest people out there, so the table, oven, and the counters are covered with crumbs and chunks of food and sometimes stuff that’s very questionable. So after I do the dishes every night, their dishes mind you, I wipe off the counters and such. Most of the time, I wipe towards the sink and then just rinse everything down. But every now and then, I catch myself just wiping the crap onto the floor and I’m like, “damn, I need to clean that now too!” But I walk away instead. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I, or Andrew, do all of the other cleaning in the house, the other guys can take care of the kitchen floor.

Anyways…I love working with kids. They’re so innocent and naive. I can screw and say all of this crap to them, it’s just wonderful. Kids not only say the darndest things, but their reactions and facial expressions are priceless. So my goal every week now at work is to tell one of my kids something horrible… I haven’t decided what this week’s thing is, but last week I said, “yeah, you’ll probably work at a gas station when you’re older.” I’m terrible

UPDATE: The interview went really well…so pray and keep your fingers crossed, I REALLY want this internship. It’s paid, it’s great experience and looks amazing on a resumé, and it’s a great excuse to buy and wear nice clothes. Ha! Which one do you think I lean closer to? Also, I’m DONE with my article!! I turned it in today. But now I get to look forward to getting it back with scribbles and comments all over it telling me to revise it. As long as it’s not a complete overhaul, I’ll be fine. If that’s what I get, I’ll snap. Beef tracking? uuugh! I don’t care! Just cook your beef properly and we won’t get Mad Cow or E coli crap and more importantly we don’t have to worry about tracking out meat.
I’m sort of growing my goattee again.. Just sort of, I probably won’t keep it.
I STILL need to buy an airplane ticket to Ohio to see Darc in May.
She comes in 10 day and 12 hours! (yep, I’m a girl)

Ok, my back is on fire and I need to go nigh nigh.

Love and Teddy bears.


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