What am I forgetting?!


Ha, this made me laugh quite a bit.

So I’m sitting here with my wattle bottle and Airborne, fingernails freshly trimmed, Jeremy Riddle playing on iTunes, and I’ve got a feeling that I’m forgetting to do something. Something important. I HAAATE this feeling. I’ve had it since last night and not only can I not remember what it is, but I can’t shake this feeling.
I feel like it’s just leftover from yesterday or it’s just the ongoing crap I have to deal with in the next week.
I have an interview with a large PR firm that I”m very nervous about. I still need to get off work for that. Maybe that’s what’s bugging me? Then sometime before next Wednesday, I need to interview more people, research a ton, and write a several page article for the magazine. But after I’m done with that article, that class will be a breeze. We just need to design it after that and I’m not going to be very involved in that. Then Darci comes on Thursday. *ecstatic face!*

Back to yesterday…
Yesterday was weird. After hitting the snooze button 2 more times than I usually do, I got up. Grabbed some jeans and walked to the shower to start my morning routine. The first thing I noticed after throwing the shower curtain aside was that the shower head was missing. Sweet. Immediately, I knew Andrew had set up several April Fool’s pranks that were probably throughout the house. After looking around for the shower head, I tried turing on the shower just to see what it would be like IF I were to try showering… It was basically a hose attached to the wall. Heeellll Nooooo! So I started pounding on Andrew’s door. I woke up Ryan and probably Nick in the process before Andrew got up and put the shower head back on for me. I couldn’t stop giggling in the shower. There were several other surprises hiding around the house that I won’t go into.. but it was quite the way to start a morning.
THEN… I go to work, I get there about a minute after the time I’m supposed to be there. Just one other car is in the parking lot, the janitor’s. Sweet, everyone’s late. This makes me look good. After sitting in my car listening to music for another 15 minutes, I leave. There should have been staff and a bunch of kids by then. I get home and find the guys in the kitchen talking and having breakfast. We hang out and eventually find out that Eau Claire had a snow day. A snow day for 3 inches of snow!!! WTF. I woke up and everything..
Then a lot of stupid little funny things happened throughout the day and I interviewed a farmer.

The end.

Songs of the week so far:

The Noose -> A Perfect Circle
Imagine -> A Perfect Circle
Fire In The Sky -> John Butler Trio
No Quarter -> Tool
Bron-Yr-Aur -> Led Zeppelin

Te Amo


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