Looooow key

My favorite beers commercial.

After having a horrible and stressful week with school, it’s good to have a chilled out weekend.
Today, I didn’t get out of bed until 1:30pm… and I just got home from playing 4 hours of Life-Twists and Turns (the new version of the Life game) with Lisa and Andrea.
Game summery:
I broke the bank with $99,999,999, 3 houses, a classic sports car, a beautiful wife (I’m assuming) and 8 kids… and Lisa still beat me by 1,000 points, but only cause she had 1 more kid than I did, even though I had several million more dollars than she did.
Oh well…

It was weird, I walked outside and could smell Salt and Vinegar chips… just thought that was funny.

Music update: I’ve REALLY been into Bright Eyes lately…

In other news, I wish it were spring, even though it’s been warmer lately by staying consistently above 20 degrees.
AAAAAAAND I wish I were in Ohio for spring break… I miss Darci 😦
41 days, 13 hours, 39 minutes…

Love and teddy bears


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