after break

The first week back has been very weird for me. I’ve felt very unsettled, uncomfortable, undisciplined and any other word that’s prefixed with Un. Today is the Monday of the 2nd week of class now and for some reason I feel stressed out about school already. I don’t even have anything due till Friday; about 5 quizzes and 4 assignments due at the same, but that’s beside the point.
And on top of that I’ve had this whole resume garbage hanging over my head…Booooo real life. But I sent in the resume today, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. If I get my act together, I’m going to change it again, write a cover letter, and send it to Game Informer and see if I can get them to take a bite. We’ll see though…
First I need to get shampoo and snack foods… get and turn in an application to the Y… look into the Spectator (the campus paper)… start playing racquetball with Andrew… do my reading… do my homework… do two sets of marathon sit-ups a day… read my Bible… and remember that I need to make dinner before I can eat every night.

I’ve got a ways to go

Smiley point – It’s 44 degrees out today!!!!! I love it. It feels like spring!!!
Frowny point – It’s January and the warm weather goes away tonight.
Another Frowny – Andrew’s hard drive crashed last night around 7. It totally sucks for him because he hadn’t backed anything up lately…and his huge presentation that he is supposed to give this week was on there… so I don’t know what he’s going to do.
Another Frowny – Our internet is down right now for some reason. But I’m using our neighbor’s 🙂

In closing…. I wish I could do this to all of my problems and annoyances…


With Love and most of everything else
Natey poo


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