That’s the alcohol talking…

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Ya know, Tony Carrillo, the artist who made this comic, is just making a joke, but it is making a very good point.
If alcohol could talk and say things like this to us, hardly anyone would ever drink!
Sure that would make going to college in small stupid towns like Eau Claire or Fargo less exciting, but alcoholism and drunk driving would certainly go down.
But even IF booze could talk, causing some of us to never even walk down the alcohol isle in a grocery store again, some people would still drink. They would listen to the little things and every argument the booze would say.

“Heeeeey Carol, doesn’t that guy look cute? No? Well Eric has been a real douche bag lately, hasn’t he? Yeah, he has. He’s been spending more time with the guys, he hasn’t taken you out for over a month, he’s been ignoring you Carol! And come to think of it, he HAS been spending time with that other girl, Deborah. Sure he ‘says’ they are study sessions, but who studies at noon, 5, 10, AND 2 in the morning. Carol, Eric is cheating on you! Now get him back. Drink me! Drink me and then go talk to that guy. Don’t worry, the more you have of me, the cuter he gets. And by then, you won’t care. If you do this, Eric will give you all the attention you could ever want. And it that doesn’t happen, who cares? There’s a new guy right there.”

So maybe God should have given alcohol a voice to speak to us with…. It’s not like crap like that doesn’t go through people’s heads already. Maybe if it had a voice, people would argue with it more than they do with the one in their head.

Haha… that’s my random thing of the day.

My bobo comes to hang out with me for the weekend today! (bobo= my little brother)
And Momma got surgery yesterday…eeek! I hope she recovers QUICKLY!
Prays for Ma!

WIth Love and most of everything else


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