The Fact that it was Friday

I don’t know what made it different, but yesterday anything but a routine weekday. Like any other day, I woke up somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 am. I say somewhere between because I never know what time I actually get out of bed. My alarm steals me from whatever better-than-real-life dream is going on and before I have a conscious thought, I slam my hand down onto the “Snooze” button, immediately asleep once again.

After doing that two or three times, I admit to myself that it’s a new day and I begin making a “pro/con” list for getting up. “I don’t want to walk to class in the rain…I don’t have any quizzes or exams today…We never do anything in class anyways…I stayed up late, so now I can catch up on sleep again…I told my group I’d meet them in the library…Damn…I hope Nick isn’t up yet; he takes so long in the shower that there’s no hot water left after he’s done…”

After getting up, the first thing I always do is shower. Without one, I might as well white flag the rest of the day. After showering, I put on pajama pants, a white t-shirt, and my old and ripped Happy Feet slippers and walk down to the kitchen for breakfast. I used to not eat breakfast. But that changed when I realize I was starving by the time my first class ended and I wouldn’t be able to go home and eat for several more hours. My typical breakfast is one of two things: granola with strawberry yogurt or a cinnamon and raison bagel with cream cheese.

Yesterday, however, I made blueberry pancakes. Something I only do when I think about it the night before and know I’m going to have time to do so. Something I only do when it’s a special occasion or if I wake up in a peculiarly good attitude. Yesterday, it was the ladder. I can’t explain it. While I made pancakes, I put a pot of coffee…another thing I do rarely. After eating and getting surprised looks and some exclamations from the guys, I retreated back to my Bat-cave of a room. I didn’t need to check the Internet to tell me that it was cold and raining outside.

I threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, snatched my mug of coffee, grabbed my backpack and iPod, started playing my favorite song by Xavier Rudd, “Set it up” and met the cold, wet weather like it was a sunny day in July. Maybe it was my coffee, maybe I was proud of myself for making pancakes (like I always am), maybe got enough sleep for once…Whatever it was, I was in an inexplicably good mood. It was like the weather had soaked in the gloom I should have been feeling, leaving me with nothing but the arrogant sense of euphoria I was feeling.

When I got to the footbridge, I felt the wind and rain exponentially increase like it always does from the lack of surroundings to protect me. But my wide strides kept the pace to Tool’s song “Vicariously.” As I walked, I watched the people around me like I always do. It might have been my ambiguous sense of happiness, but I was acting nothing like the people around me. Looking at them you would think the rain were snow and the temperature should be something below zero. Walking by with their hoods up, arms crossed or hands buried in pockets, their teeth shattering…It was cold I suppose, but it wasn’t that bad.

Smiling and laughing to myself, I kept walking. The sprinkles of rain felt like needles on my face, but it didn’t matter, nothing could ruin today. Metallica’s “One” was ending as I walked into my first class of two on Fridays, Mass Media Law. I sat with my friend, whispering, writing notes on each other’s notebooks, and texting anyone and everyone that came to mind.

Some time later, I led the guys into a night of utter Mayhem.

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