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Haha.. I would definitely relate to this more if it were about open cabinets or something.

It’s freaking cold outside today!
I woke up around 6 just to close the windows in my room.
I hate days like this because all I want to do is skip everything and stay in bed. Or whenever I finish something, I want to get back into bed. Which is the case right now.
It’s 3:44pm, I’m done with class and I have a lot of homework to do. Instead of doing my homework though, I’m laying in bed with my macbook while typing this…Obvi…(that’s what they say in Ohio. Well only Darci ;-p ) … and I’m listening to Jack Johnson. Who has quickly become a new favorite of mine. Ben Harper as well.

Well as ya’ll know, it was Homecoming here in the Eau C this past weekend. And even though it was the MOST FUN I’ve had all year so far, going HOME this weekend is going to be VERY VERY VERY nice. Except that Chris has taken over my room. So I get to sleep on the floor in a smaller room in the name of “renovations” my parents want to make. I don’t hear any words when people say things like that… All I hear is, “We’re bored and this is something we can change and help us feel productive.”
But then again, everyone needs that feeling…and given key situations, it should be a nice distraction for them… or should I say YOU! 😉

So it’s a few days after Homecoming now and the basement and kitched floor haven’t been cleaned yet. It’s really gross and starting to piss me off. But I’m holding out on one or two of the guys to step up and do it cause I’m not going to. I already cleaned the rest of the house after everything while they were lying around hungover. I would even vacuum the whole house if we had a working vacuum…but we don’t! And the floor are gross.

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smile for good music

Love and teddy bears,


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