Really though? Are you for reaaaaaalll?

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Haha, really though?
I wouldn’t be surprised if some stores started doing that.
People come up with the craziest things to complain and argue about.

Tom Short (if you don’t know who he is, YOU SHOULD) was on campus last week doing what he does.
Shouting and evangelizing to anyone who will listen.
Well, I was sitting there for a while listening to him speak and listening to the random kids argue.

And when one guy gave asked, “How can we REALLY be 100% certain that there’s an omnipotent God who loves us and sent his son to die for our ‘sins’, something that is just as vague as God himself?”
The guy went on for a minute or two longer, Tom sat there drinking his Mountain Dew (his favorite drink) letting him vent and gave a solid argument back to the guy…basically telling him that you can be sure, “because of…” and listed some things and said “well with that argument, how can you be sure that that tree is really there?”

The guys said, “Well I can’t be sure. How do YOU know it is there?”
“Because I can see it. I can feel it. If I punch it, it will break my hand.” Tom replied.
And the guy gave some long-winded answer about something that sounded a lot like the movie The Matrix.
And then started questioning Tom about how he knows that we are REALLY here and blah blah blah blah blah…

I just sat there in awe that someone, knowing he’d lost the argument, would just argue for the sake of arguing.
Really though?
But I guess I shouldn’t be taken back by that. People will wildly out of their way and out of reason to deny God.
Are you for reeeeaaaaaaalll?

More examples of the “really though?” idea:
Today I walked into class absent-mindedly 15 minutes too early. I was picking fuzz off my shirt and when I walked in and looking up, an entire class was looking at me. Struck with a sort of nervous terror, I audibly said, “Crap! What time is it?!” I swung around to look at the clock and as I walked out of the room I heard the class laugh. Standing out in the hall, I asked myself, “really though?” and laughed for a couple minutes, still embarrassed.

Or how people can take every day words and phrases and say “I started that!”
Like, “Are you for real?” or “Really though?” or “Are you crazy?” or “You’re dumb” or “No worries”
The list goes on and on… but it’s annoying to me how people can take dumb little phrases and convince themselves, and even more annoyingly, other that it’s an original all of their own cleverness. Even worse, everyone does it. Even worse than that, I do it! Even though I’m no different than anyone else, it still bothers me.

OOOKAAAAYYY…. this is sickly long now!
Happy birthday Andrew!

With Love and most of everything else
The Middle One

PS… I started the 7th and LAST Harry Potter book today!
It’s good


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  1. L Tips

    Really though?haha, I love it.

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