True Blue

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Haha… Oh F-minus, how I love thee.

Well I know you’re DYING to hear how about the 1st weekend after classes started and how it was.

It was quality cocaine…let me tell you. :-p
Friday was just pure good times at our house.
It was a gradual amazement that began smug and content and then took off to wild fun.
First it was just us house guys, then a couple close friends, then frat friends, a few loose friends, and then a random acquaintance of someone asked if she could come over. Then 10 minutes later she shows up with about 15 friends.
It was overwhelming. Luckily they realized they were intruding and left shortly thereafter.

Andrew and Ryan taught us an Australian cheer.
It goes…
“Here’s to Nate, He’s true blue.
He’s a piss pot through and through.
He’s a bastard so they say

It’s a fun thing to do, especially when a bunch of people are singing it.

Saturday was different for everyone. Some went tubing with friends made in Aus, others stayed around with other friends, and others (like myself) went to the girl’s place and hung out for Jenna’s birthday. Like the weekend, Saturday grew like a wildfire…People kept coming. Then we went out to dinner (still with seperate groups going on). After dinner we went back to the girl’s and the night turned into a SHOW.
I’ll spare the gory details … but it was a LOT of fun.

Remember… “I don’t do drugs. I only smoke crack” :-p Courtesy of Lil Drew
The Middle One


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