It’s a Batman and Robin Sort of Thing

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Haha… As funny as this is, I guess one could make the argument that it’s the little things like this that slowly erode a marriage.

Today I decided that there is NO way for me to get a job this semester.
I’ll be just too busy with all of my class work.
I have mixed feelings about it.
Part of me wants to work.
Part of me loves that I don’t have to work.
Part of me hates the fact that I have a TON to do for the next few months.
Part of me is hungry… haha

I downloaded a file/program thing that lets me play AVI files now!
Why is that neat? Because now I can watch the movies I’ve been downloading.
So far I’ve got: Natural Born Killers, Requiem for a Dream, and Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind.

Well… I just wrote this. It’s VERY much so a first shot rough draft piece.
But for now it gets the point across.
Could I be more direct? Haha

“It’s a Batman and Robin Sort of Thing”

We used to pretend we were worth respecting.
Worth honor, a sword, a steed, and pretty princesses.
We spent hours slaying dragons and pretending.

You used to teach me how a man ought to be.
How to throw, how to run…how to treat a lady.
A best friend, you were more than a brother to me.

Then, like an unsuspecting arrow in the back
You took some wicked one-eighty
Running, and lying about it, far off track.

It’s amazing how the valiant fall, isn’t it?
The eldest, trustworthy, God-fearing leader is gone.
The eldest still, but you’re self-diminished and nihilistic.

You said you were a caged-dog in the cold.
Now out and breaking hearts, just to be alone.
Your wife’s, our family’s, mine, and your own.

So dear brother, dear ex-hero of mine,
Is life what you wanted it to be?
Or are you still lying to yourself saying, “It’s f***ing fine”

Well…. yeah…

The Middle One


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  1. Anonymous

    I love you Nathan….-your sister

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