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Haha… Good Ol’ F Minus…

Well the house is empty this pre-storm Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting at my desk listening to the alternative 90s music mix that I downloaded the other day. My computer is dangerously close to having ZERO memory left, so today I’m going to go buy an external hard drive so that I can fully quench my need for more music.

Darci and Deb were coming to visit last time I posted … they are back in Ohio now 😦
It was a VERY fun weekend though. I really, really, REALLY enjoyed.
Luckily the state fair is going on… cause I don’t know what we would have done in Eau Claire…there wasn’t ANYTHING going on when we got here on saturday.
So cheers to the fair. Cheese curds and pickle dogs…. Mmmmmmmm… The girls hated them. But the rest of us LOVE them.

That reminds me… I forgot some things when I went shopping. But just so you know, I have the ingedients to make some pretty A-game sandwiches . Mmmm… I kinda want one now!

Well, remember TOO SHORT? Yeah… well, that last point that was not certain yet, IS now…
The person is too weak, selfish, and unfaithful to try any more..
So the person’s decided to disappoint and hurt everyone that actually cares.
How’s it feel to know that everyone you know is upset and disappointed with you?
How’s it feel to know that no one trusts you anymore?
How’s it feel to know that you’re nothing worth looking up to?
I hope the lie you’re living is worth everything you’re throwing away.

The Middle One


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