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haha… I love this comic!

Well I moved more stuff into my house here in Eau Claire this weekend.
It’s always fun just swinging by and hanging out for the weekend.
Andrew and I loaded my crap into my room and then went to a friend’s place.

The only slight disappointment for the weekend is the weather.
We were going to go Frolf yesterday and were going to go tubing down the river today…
But it’s been raining all weekend. Soooooo, we’ve just stayed inside.

But I don’t really mind. I needed to do a lot in my room…and still have a lot to do.
I put my dresser together yesterday…it took foreverrrrrr… but then again, I DID take my time.
And I took a break in the middle so we could go get some food and run to Target.

I bought random crap like a 49 watt bulb for my lamp, 2 bottles of Downy wrinkle release, a small trash can, a screw driver thing to use on my dresser because Andrew’s dad broke his and it was a pain in the ass to use, a spray bottle just incase I ever want to iron something or do my hair, 3 boxes of Kleenex, and 2 Renuzit air fresheners so my room will soon smell like Raspberry candy…I’m not sure if I’ll like the smell for my room, but it smelled good at Target.

One of the very LAST steps for putting my dresser together required me to use some small screws to secure my dresser drawers to the little medal slider things on the inside. So I follow the visual directions (there were no written directions anywhere). The first screw goes in fine. Awesome. Only 5 more to go. Then while screwing the the next one in, I find that nothing’s happening. Annoyed, I just move on to the next one. It’s the same story all but one more. So only 2 screws actually went in and tightend the drawer to the medal thing. The screws were TOO SHORT. It’s really annoying. So now I have to go home and try finding the same width screws, but longer. UUUUGH!

The new lamp I bought at Ikea is set up right where I want it to be (with bulbs now!). The only problem is that the power cords are TOO SHORT. They’re only short by only about a foot. Annoying! But I’m going to bring the surge protectors/power strips that I have in my room to deal with this situation. Just so you know, those power strips are one of the BEST inventions ever. I love them.

This is still to be determined. HOPEFULLY something will happen and cause a possible short lived relationship to continue.
Hopefully he will have the balls to live this out and ACTUALLY walk through the barbed wire he promised he’d walk through for her. Hopefully we won’t throw ALL of his relationships away just because he’s being a proud prick who’s convincing himself that who he used to be isn’t who he really is. Hopefully he’ll stop lying to himself and stop creating a new facade. And yes, I say facade because that’s all it is. Even though he’s convincing himself that he’s showing his “true colors.” HOPEFULLY he’ll turn back to who he was, pursue the life he used to pursue, and become a person WORTH respecting and looking up to again….

-The Middle One


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