Better here than there

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Before care is kicking my ass!
4/6 feet down for the Subway challenge… shut up… it’s harder than it seems. So jog on you bluddy bollock!

I had that warm, cozzy and smug feeling today. You know that, “I’m comfortable in bed and I never want to get up” feeling? Yes, of course you do. Well like I said, I had that feeling today, but not in bed. I suppose to be perfectly honest, I had the feeling twice today. Once in bed and the other instance was at the end of camp today while lying on a table with Jeff and Amy.
I said before care was kicking my ass, didn’t I? Well…camp’s toll on us shown brighter and more clear today than most days. So we three had a nice afternoon session at the Bungolow… For lying down on an old, nearly broken down, paint-coated cafeteria table and a backpack for a pillow, I was surprisingly comfortable. If it weren’t for our chat, I would have surely fallen asleep.
That said, I’ve been pretty excited about sleep since then.

I’m sure I’ve said it before…But incase you don’t know. “Extras” is an amazingly amazing show. I just watched the 2nd dvd for season 2. It’s brilliant. It’s good timing that I’ve watched it now. As much as it doesn’t feel like it to me, It’s Wednesday, and tomorrow is family night (with another mention of yesterday’s enormous mishap at the meeting) and then on Friday I’m heading out to Eau Claire to hang out and move some stuff in. Having a house is an exciting idea. Hopefully it’ll be as wonderous as I/we expect and want it to be. I really want to put up that Pink Floyd poster/flag that I have. It’s neat.
Speaking of Pink Floyd….I’m listening to The Wall right now. Even though “Goodbye Blue Sky” is playing right now, I’ve had “The Thin Ice” going through my head ALLLLLLLLL DAAAAAYYY LOOOOOONG…and before just now, I hadn’t heard it for weeks. Weird how things like that happen.

Well, camp prom was a LOT more fun than I had expected…and I expected it to be really fun… I’m still waiting for pictures to show up…And after that, certain events have taken a load of my back.. I hate having to think about things that I don’t find necessary, but other people find them of utter most importance. Uuuuugh.. (haha.. a girl one of my ropes groups said that a lot…it made me laugh because I type that a lot).. Well, like I said.. I have one less thing to think and worry about. Cheers.

Well, I’m off to read more Harry Potter. I’m on page 312 of “The Order of the Phoenix” and I want to finish this book before class starts. I should be able to do it… but still… the book’s like 860 pages long or so… that’s a big number.


With Love and most of everything else
The Middle One


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