Darci went back home today 😦

It was really fun having her here though

Now I don’t have anything to look forward to anymore.
Transformers is here and I’ve seen it twice.
The 4th was short lived.
Darci’s here and gone.

Now I just have… my online class ending, spending weekends at my house in Eau Claire with the guys, seeing Trivium and Hellyeah at the Family Values Tour, and Caleb and Jessica getting the “F” out of Rosemount and into their new house.

Well, I take it back… I DO have things to look forward to.

In other news… I read over 90 pages of my book tonight. Yay me! And I’m very thankful/grateful/blessed to have the friends I do. They’re neat.

Until it sleeps…

The Middle One

PS… trying to type while not using some of your fingers are covered in Dorito goo is HARD! I keep hitting the wrong letters and adding others… oh well.

Song playing RIGHT THIS SECOND – Michael Bublé – Home


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