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Haha… that reminds me, I need to start putting more pasta in my pockets.
“I’m hungry. Whhaaaat? JACKPOT!”

If you don’t get that…well…you just aren’t cool enough to get it. Clearly.

Well today two things began.
A) Camp started. I’m told the temperature reached somewhere in the 90s and it will stay that way ALL week. WTF!
I like working outside and at camp, but NOT when it’s like this. It makes me crabby. And tired. And crabby.
Especially when Uproar comes out. 100 extra annoying and much less well-behaved kids ontop of regular camp (who are usually ok) makes my life ……………. yeah.

B) My online writing class, AKA, Public Affairs Reporting (PAR) started as well.
We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Here’s something I wrote a little while ago.
You hurl shark tooth lies
at my cobweb reflection
glistening in the ripples
of Prior Lake. My leg
twitches in false alarm
a restless dog rolls over
And the unexpected
call dissolves like the
vodka soaked Valium
bobbing like a bay’d
buoy afraid of sharks
and water somewhere
in my stomach.
So I’ll keep walking.
Walking and knocking
on doors until
I find my closure

Anyways…I’m tired, sun-burned, irritable, lazy, headachy, and tired.

With love and most of everything else,
The Middle One

Post Script…It’s 8:57 pm and it’s 86 degrees out still.


It’s PERFECT weather for GUMMY!


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