summer IS love

Well…. MAYBE you’re waiting for an update from me now that it’s summer and I’m DONE with school…

I guess this is it.
I passed my classes! That’s all I care about. It’s summer and I didn’t fail. I set my standard high, don’t I?
Haha. I knew this semester was going to kick my ass. And it did. But I’m done, so I’m happy.

Now that it’s summer, I’ll have some time on my hands… so I’m thinking about taking up a new hobby.

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How’s that for one? Haha..

I haven’t done much of anything since I’ve been done…it’s only Monday…but it feels V-E-R-Y N-I-C-E… and yes, it WAS necessary for me to spell that out…

Fact: I ALWAYS spell “necessary” wrong at first. It’s just one of “those words” and it pisses me off.

In other news, camp starts soon…I’m not sure when…haha.. I need to check on that. I’m kind of excited really. It’s sad I know, to want to work, but I NEED money…plus, enjoying what you do is always good.

Well…. I had more to say, but I forgot…so I’m gonna go watch the season 3 of The Office (kudos to Brandon for this).

Peace, Love, Jesus. (get it? Jesus=happiness…haha..woooow, I’m gay)


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