Hell week is OVER!!!! …. pretty much.
It’s Thursday and I’m done with classes for the day… I’m happy.
It’s been such as tiring week that I would be more than happy about sleeping now through the weekend.
I don’t have any plans this weekend, so it will be nice to just sit around and chill.
Well… I DO have to go grocery shopping, buy shoes, and figure out my class schedule for the Fall semester. But I can do it leisurely … which I LOVE!

The title says “OWNED!” It’s basically kiddy internet/video game talk to say “You just got your ass kicked/handed to you” as well as a few other variations.
I say OWNED for two reasons:
1. This week kicked my ass. The studying, the impossible exams, the small amounts of sleep, the ugly weather, etc.

And #2, because of this comic.

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Haha… If I were that knight, I’d do the same thing!

In other news, I just vacuumed my whole room and Caleb and Jess should be home from Honduras… and now I think I’m going to go take a nap.

With Love and most of everything else,
The Middle One


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