Hell week

After an annoying and uneventful Easter weekend, I start, yet another, HELL week.
Beginning tomorrow (Monday) morning, I have a test EVERY day. I’m not lying or over-exaggerating.


I’ve been studying all night and just quit a little bit ago… so I wrote this…

I sat in Starbucks and
between sips, spoke
trivially to God with
a Chai burned devotion.
Hunched over a brand-new
Bible, my eyes glide over
the short-skirt girls bouncing
through the door. With eyes
gleaming, flirtatiously,
and mouths dripping
emptiness, they giggle
through perfect teeth
while waiting for their drinks.
I smirk and play along.
While curling hair, cell phone
numbers are left to never be
dialed. I sit here still,
apologetic now and say
thanks for blessings and grace

We’ll see how this week turns out.
Until then…


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