Last night…

…I looked back quickly trying to see the street sign. Colombus Ave.

Ok, good. I didn’t miss my turn.

Chris Daughtry sang on the radio I wasn’t listening to, but I still hummed along in my stressful euphoria. Though palm trees are pretty in paradise settings, they inadequately shaded my eyes from the setting sun. Demore St.

My turn is coming up.

So is a sneeze. I tried, but as I turned, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. A fluid turn looks epileptic. But everything’s fine. The only people on the sidewalks are old women with walkers and stereotypical Mexicans with black bandanas and white tank tops. There’s no drama. There wasn’t for a minute, at least. Up ahead I saw three squads cars, lights flashing, surrounding a nicely aged, tan, Cadillac. I drove by slowly and saw guns drawn and pointed at two ugly girls. Just after I passed, two policemen ran to a car and drove after me. I pulled over. They saw my turn.

“Get the fuck out of the car!” He yelled

“Ok. Why?” I got out. “I’m not going to do anything, you don’t need it.” I said referring to his already drawn gun.

“Yes, I do.” The barrel was still pointed at my face. “We’ll find it too!”

“Find what?” I’m ignorant and very calm, given the situation.

“Acid. Meth. Whatever you’re hiding.”

“Ummmm.. ok. I don’t have any drugs.”

After being patted down and my things thrown out and back into my car. The other officer proclaimed my innocence. They quickly apologized and told me that they were tipped off about a major drug heist going down and they were pulling random people over for searches. We stood there casually conversating in mono-tonality about things I don’t remember. I joking criticized their approach to finding the drugs and drove away.

Then I woke up this morning. That was my dream. I felt like doing something, so I thought I’d pound it out. Not very exciting. I should stay up late more often. I dream when I do.
The annoying thing is that Chris Daughtry was playing on the radio when I woke up…so it was incorporated into my dream. Now it’s been stuck in my head all week.

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