When I’m in a mood, like the one I’m in now, I don’t breath deeply. I want them to last as long as possible, the moods, so my breaths are shallow. I can’t breath deeply or sigh until I’ve done something with my mood. If I lose my mood, I lose something severely fervent. I can’t do anything or experience anything that would interrupt it…speak to someone (on the phone or online), eat, go out, watch TV… These moods are rare and I hate them for that reason. I’m in this mood right now because I just finished watching “The Science of Sleep” … a movie about a man, Stephane, who can’t keep his dreams and reality separate. It’s done by the same people who did “Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind.” AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING MOVIE!
The idea/s behind and driving the film are so…creative! (I hate using that word here…it just doesn’t fit. I spent 3 minutes just staring at my computer trying to think of a better word) The ideas are both unique and universal. They are universal in the way that in everyone’s dreams, they skew, ravage, and distort reality so that when asleep, everything is unnervingly different, but strangely familiar. Have you ever noticed that there are people you’ve never met, when you’re in situations that you’ve never been in, with ideas that you’ve never been exposed to…but yet…you react to your environment with cunning comfortability? (<- I don’t even know if that’s a real word) And the film is unique in the sense that it's impossible for one person's dream to match the next. But what about the Falling Dream? Yes, people may have similar dreams. But like people (our personalities, worldviews, etc), dreams are influenced by life experiences. People have different views of art. I may see the same landscape as you, but we'll paint wildly different pictures…Dreams are the same way. The imagination is an infinite concept. While conscious, it is shaped by what we've experienced and know…but unconscious, it tests everything. Would I act properly in a wild circumstance? Would I die or plunge through the earth when I hit the ground in a falling dream? Would I bear really break into my house to try to eat me and burst into flower peddles when my brother jumped on him with a pogo stick?
I don’t even know what my original thoughts were when I started typing. I don’t know if I had a main purpose or even what I’m saying now. UGH! I’m breathing deeper now. That’s all I know. My mood’s almost gone. Sad face.
My moods are intense creativity that needs to be let out slowly and concisely…I can’t just erupt. Though I feel like I can take a small crew and make a stunning short film or something…I can’t. Eruption is a waste. But if I go too long without using it, my mood will evaporate. I’ve wasted most of it on this damn blog already. Thanks again Internet!


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