spring break

I’m on spring break now… I really enjoyed not going back to school today.
With that said, I’m going to try to actually write something again. I haven’t been doing that.
But with (I won’t say “All”) some of my promises…to friends, family, myself…God… They’re empty.
This is probably one of those. How encouraging.

Here are two things I wrote…awhile ago?

That summer we threw our hope and
Ourselves up and off some bridge, we were
Shouldered by the wind like the beauty
A Sakura occasionally holds for a while.
But days end and promises are
Water in fishnets being pulled up
Somewhere off the coast. Like I said,
Somewhere I’ll hold someone,
Someday, and I’ll feel something.
Something promising. We’ll stay
Steady for a lifetime or five and
Like faith, standing still is failing.
So we’ll ask Jesus to help us grow
Like weeds in the summer’s sun.
But weeds are ripped away.
So if I were dreaming, I’d wake
Up this morning and remember
Something about Crying Klingons
And nacho cheese; forgetting what I
Thought mattered. I’ll start today
Drinking Chai tea and suddenly
Stop in a step to think of you.
But as they say, memories last only
Seven seconds or so, but I don’t
Know who they are. Statement void.
And I keep walking, breaking the
Backs of leaves, to leave another
Piece of life strewn about the street.

(a different style)

by life and things, like
They don’t matter as
much as I thought they did.
Slugs don’t crawl,
like this but tell
us how to live.
Unbroken, yet
Vacant. Yes, vacant
hearts pull us through
cesspools of tears from
Someone. Anyone. Anyone
other than us; we cringe and
cry out to something we’ve
named God for his divine
power to feel inexistent.
It is uncomfortable and we cringe.
It’s February something and
we’re freezing, for that One
who we’ve forgotten.
until we search, find,
or sleep it will Snow
like Salt from the shaker;
we’re burning but stick out
our tongues. Tongues like Satan’s
and make snow angels like
those who fly about Winter;
Skies at night making them glow
eerily, me drag by waiting,
reaching for two intersecting sticks
already within our hearts.

So I’m off to sleep in.


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